2 thoughts on “Papyrus (the Font)

  1. I asked this in another public space and was nearly killed. I am not a designer. I come to pages like this to learn the skill to help build my brand and to get better at design for myself. I appreciate art. Love design. I appreciate the clean and professional look of your site. What is wrong with this font? Why does it cause this much disgust because I HAVE bumped into this anger over it. Dare I say I sort of like the feel and look of the font but I have never used it anywhere nor will I do so because it seems to signal being unprofessional. Can you explain to me why so I can recognize the keys and avoid other design mistakes like this?

    1. Hey Kevin,

      The two biggest reasons Papyrus receives such scorn from the design community is 1.) it’s overused and 2.) it’s just not a very well designed typeface (tall, a little awkward, not the best x-alignment, etc).

      Part of what this video is mocking is the fact that it’s pretty easy to find a professional alternative. Adobe’s Typekit is a great place to start.

      I hope that helps!

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